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The logistic/transport side of the business has emerged as a natural consequence of our trading activity. As most customers wanted a comprehensive service we have also provided the logistics since the beginning of our transports with juice, wine, sunflower refined / crude oils and fatty acids from Romania, Bulgaria (Eastern Europe / Balkans) towards Western Europe.

Due to the evident increase in demand for logistics solutions in the liquid products market , but not only, we decided to specialize our Logistics operation and now we are able to deal with all the Logistic requests. Focusing mainly on bulk transportation we can provide rapid solutions for the transport of liquids to almost any destination in Europe

Our Management Team

Marius Pencea

Operations bulk liquids UK and Western Europe

Roxana Marcu

Head of commercial department Central and Eastern Europe

Lelia Patru

Head of operations tilt and refrigerated trucks

Frank Carroll

Sales and Marketing

Liana Draghici


Andreea Stoenica

Business Development

Ovidiu Pintilie

Logistic/Forwarding Manager

Our Locations

  • Henry Wood House
  • 2 Riding House Street
  • W1W 7FA
  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • Malmo Office Tower
  • 8th floor
  • Str. Stirbei Voda 30
  • 200243 Craiova
  • Romania
  • Postal address (all written correspondence):
  • 5 Walsingham Road
  • BR5 3BP
  • Orpington
  • United Kingdom


Our aim is simple and positive
As Partners we want to help you to grow and develop your European Business / Customer Base by providing you with fast, efficient and very reliable European Distribution. As you develop we also hope to grow alongside you as one of your preferred carriers.
With so many companies in the transport/forwarding business nowadays we want to stand out for our service but also for integrity , common sense and the respect we have for our clients and carries alike .
Our main goal is to take the worries of the transport planning off your shoulders and we want to do that by gaining your confidence through the quality of our service.
We tried and so far succeeded to create a company culture with a different,friendlier approach.
We understand that transport is the first stage in the food production process and that's why we choose the best solution to suit our client's logistic needs.
We serve a wide range of industries creating supply chain solutions for companies working in the food, furniture, fashion, steel industry and many more.
Having a highly trained staff with increased experience in international transport we want to give to our clients peace of mind.
As partners our aim is to help you grow and develop your European business.



Being specialised in transport to and from the Balkans, we are able to offer real-time solutions at competitive prices using :

Our fleet of trucks


Food stuff road tankers


Refrigerated trucks


Normal tautliners


Our network of partners and carriers

FOOD LIQUID PRODUCTS – road tankers and containers (multi chamber or one chamber , auxiliar food compressor).
We are proud when we say that through our whole network of partners we can offer only stainless steel tanks and containers, or a multi chamber, temperature controlled and fitted with compressors (or in some cases pumps).We take this as the standard and the we wouldn't see it change in the future.

GENERAL CARGO ( General cargo Packed on Pallets )

REFRIGERATED GOODS ( Temperature controlled )


Intermarc Logistics Ltd.

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  • Registration address: 5 Walsingham Road, BR5 3BP, Orpington, United Kingdom
  • Tel/Fax: +44 (0)7850 937635
  • Email: office@intermarc-ltd.com
  • VAT number: GB 128188595